Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas and New Years

So it has been a really long time since I have done anything with my blog. So first thing is Thank you Brittanie for helping me figure out what I'm doing.

Brenn holding Nate and sitting by Erica

Our Christmas break was so much fun. We drove 11 hours up to Green River Wyoming to see my family for the holidays. It was so nice to be able to see all my family and to watch Myla and Kendra play together like sisters and see how much Ellie has changed. It was sad that my dad got sick while we were there but it was still nice to be able to see him as much as we did.
It was great to see my brother Scot and his wife Marica and there kids Zach, Erica, and Nate. I don't get to see them enough. So being able to see them over new years was a blast. Zach went snowboarding with Brenn, Jake, Amber, and Brett while my mom and I stayed in Green River with the kids and they really enjoyed that trip.

Scot and Marcia

There is a lot more that I want to post from our trip but this is all the time I have for now. I'll post more at a later time. :)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Busy Times

This is our generational picture. That is my Great Grandma Theresa so its Myla's and Savannah's Great-Great Grandmother. I feel so lucky that she is still around.

Kendra Nadler and Savannah Case ;)

Kendra and Myla

Kendra and Myla helping Amber and Brenn make salads for saturday's barbeque. It was a great weekend. My dad threw a surprise 50th birthday party for my mom. It was great to see everyone together. This video was on the way back to rexburg and the girls were keeping themselves ocupied and it was so much fun!!

My dad flew my little sister and her family up from Arizona and I saw some cousins that I haven't seen in a few years. It was great to see everyone and it was the first time we had all been together sence Myla and Kendra were born. We got a bunch of family picutures and I'll post some of them when I can find the cd that had some of them on there.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Job

So now that Dave is all graduated and things have been falling into place really well. Dave graduated on a friday then that next thursday Dave put in an application to Lamar Colorado. By friday morning he had an over the phone interview. That next wednesday he had an in person interview with the pricipal and vice principal of the high school there. By Friday he was offered the job. Which means that two weeks after he graduated he offically had a job. So that is exciting!
Well now that its my last semester of school I'm very stressed, but that is okay. Moving is also stressful but thank goodness most of the packing wont happen until after I have graduated.

Well on May 2nd Dave, Myla, Savannah, and I all went to Jenny Lake to give Cora flowers. It was a great day. The lake was still frozen over which made for some great pictures. There was a little black and white bird that was there and it kept coming over by us. It would get as close as about 2 feet and was never farther than about 4 feet. He would fly away and come back. It was almost as if Cora was coming to say HI ;) Myla would hold out her hands to the bird and say 'uh me, uh me' becasue she wanted to hold the bird. It was really cute. Here are some more recent pictures of the girls and some from our trip to Jenny Lake.
Myla and I at the overlook at Jenny Lake.

Friendly Bird

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This weekend

So Dave is graduating this weekend! I am so excited for him. His parents and one of his sisters and her little boy are comming here today and my parents are coming here tomorrow to help us celebrate. In getting ready for the company we have done a lot of cleaning and a lot of organizing. I think we threw away around 5 garbage bags full of just stuff and a whole car load of stuff went to DI. I didn't realize how much stuff we had and I know we are going to find more when it comes time to move. I'm so excited for family to be here this weekend and for Dave's family to meet Savannah, but doing all this cleaning on top of me trying to get all my school work done becasue its finals week. Can we say stressed??? I'm going to be so glad when thrusday is over because then I will be completely done with the project and two finals that I still need to do.

Enough complaining. My two little girls are getting so big. I can't believe that Savannah is already six months old. She is a little piglet. She is really liking this eating concept. She loves her cereal and applesause....I don't think she has made up her mind about the peaches yet though. Myla finally has all of her teeth so I'm glad that stage is over but of course since Myla is now done with her teeth Savannah is now starting that whole process. Her top two teeth are starting to come in and her gums are all red and swollen. Poor thing. She is starting to bable more though. I love to hear her say "Ma Ma". I thought this video was cute so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Its a close up of her face and she was starting to get fussy because she was tired, but it was still fun.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Last Month

So this last month has been very hectic and stressful. Between going to the ER for both the girls and Myla's ear infection things have been very stressful. I have fallen behind in one of my classes but I have spent a lot of time this weekend trying to get caught up in assingments. I only have a couple more to do before wednesday night when my class starts. I just wanted to post a small update. Later I will post pictures and a little video of Myla's new phrase "I ant dis" for I want this. Its cute.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm tired

So I know that every year my depression comes back and I can usually handle it. This year with the post pardum from Savannah I've goten to the point where I'm tired of fighting to be happy every day. I am just tired of this constant battle to feel happy. I know that I can't alwyas be happy but I'm finding that more often its an effort not to just feel really sad and miserable. At least I know my girls are really happy and they are healthy. Savannah can roll over both ways now and is eating cereal once a day. She is getting so big and Dave is spending more time with Savannah. Dave is the only one so far that can really get her to laugh...I have tried but it hasn't worked as well. She loves her daddy,but she is still a mommy's girl. Myla is adding new words to her vocabulary....the newest is "owl" and "bease" for 'please'. Its cute. I'm really looking forward to summer this year because for one I'm tired of the snow and two girls at the splash park is going to be fun!!

Monday, February 2, 2009