Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm tired

So I know that every year my depression comes back and I can usually handle it. This year with the post pardum from Savannah I've goten to the point where I'm tired of fighting to be happy every day. I am just tired of this constant battle to feel happy. I know that I can't alwyas be happy but I'm finding that more often its an effort not to just feel really sad and miserable. At least I know my girls are really happy and they are healthy. Savannah can roll over both ways now and is eating cereal once a day. She is getting so big and Dave is spending more time with Savannah. Dave is the only one so far that can really get her to laugh...I have tried but it hasn't worked as well. She loves her daddy,but she is still a mommy's girl. Myla is adding new words to her vocabulary....the newest is "owl" and "bease" for 'please'. Its cute. I'm really looking forward to summer this year because for one I'm tired of the snow and two girls at the splash park is going to be fun!!

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